If you're like many parents I work with, you
- are a planner, and you want to make sure everything is taken care of
- are worried you'll miss out on the special moments
- don't have time to take good photos yourself
- don't have time to do anything with the nice photos anyways
- want to make this moment last forever

Hi! I'm Lauren.


I know how you feel. Surprise, surprise, I didn't have maternity photos taken of myself either time, or newborn photos taken of my children. Even though I never felt as beautiful in my life, I didn't know maternity photography was a thing. And when each child was born, I was too overwhelmed with a new baby. I snapped a few photos to use on the birth announcements, but nothing beautiful enough to get large prints on the wall and boy do I regret it. 

As my children grew, and great-grandparents were passing, I realized how important these photos truly are! I can still remember the moment my daughter was going to sleep and kept looking in the hallway. I asked what she was looking at and it was the photo of her, myself, my mom, and my grandma. That photo will always be one of the most treasured photos. 

i believe every woman is abundantly beautiful while bearing child. Children grow so quickly right in front of our eyes, documenting these moments is so important!

lauren's Philosophy

Simply put, I'm a girl who likes to take photos. My love of photography came at a young age. I began taking photo class as a 15 year old and wound up earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Education with a minor in Photography. In 2003 I began teaching high school darkroom and digital photography. 

A few years later I opened the doors to Lauren McCormick Photography and I'm so excited to be able to take your photos and help you make your walls smile! I offer a custom experience to help you get your beautiful photos up on the wall so you're able to view them every day. I offer my clients superior customer service, a variety of professional high-end products, all at an affordable price.

My Story

My favorite things

I'm a coffee drinker (at home: Dunkin Donuts Original Blend, out: Starbucks iced skinny vanilla latte!), craft beer drinker (love the hoppy IPA's), mindless reality tv watcher (The Bachelor! EEee!!). When I'm not working, I'm spending time with the family by hanging out on our deck, exploring downtown Frederick, playing in our neighborhood lake beaches, hiking the neighborhood trails, snuggling up to a movie, visiting a local brewery, or going picking for seasonal fruits or veggies. I've recently rekindled my love of reading and as of August 2019 I've read 24 books this year! Woot! Also, new news - our family recently added a new member to the family. A handsome little golden retriever puppy named Oshie. 

Oshie, our new puppy

My children, Christopher and Molly

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