When is a better time to schedule updated family photos? NOW! Yesterday, even! Know why? We're only getting older. Every second of every day. Worried your kids won't cooperate for a photo shoot? Don't worry! (Secret: It's actually the husbands who behave worse than the kids!) I am a teacher and have my masters in Special Education so I do have a lot of experience around kids. Full hour long sessions are the way to go because we aren't short on time and aren't making the kids give us quick cheesy/forced smiles. We'll be able to pose for a few, but walk around, have tickle fights, capture sweet hugs and kisses, etc. 

Family Sessions

Let's capture the kids before they get older

Schedule your family session early in the year (think 2-3 months before you're looking) so make sure we get the season you're most interested in! And please know, Fall always books up the quickest!

I absolutely love a beautiful sunset! Here is a great website that helps predict it. Of course weather determines if it will be earlier (too dark to shoot if there are too many clouds) but that's what I will base our session off of. We'll plan to start about 75-90 minutes before sunset. 

What time of day do you recommend?

Where should we go?

Here is a few locations I go occasionally, but once you book I'll send you a much more detailed list. All photo shoots occur within a 20 mile radius around Frederick or are subject to mileage charge.

How should I prepare my kids for the shoot?

Tell your kids they're going on a "play date" with Ms. Lauren! We'll be silly and have fun and they don't need to look at the camera the whole time, they just need to be good-ish listeners. That's it!

Why should I do a full session and not a mini?

Minis can be good... and then they can't. Full sessions allow us time for the kids and adults to relax, not feel stressed to smile super fast. We can walk around, chat, explore and get some posed as well as candid. I much prefer full sessions over minis. 

What if we need to reschedule?

Rain and wind will cause us to reschedule, no problem. If there is a sick kid, I get it. But after one reschedule there is a $50 reschedule fee (excluding weather). 

What should we wear/bring?

I have a lovely Pinterest board that will help guide you to choosing outfits for the whole family. One major rule: no repeat patterns. But I will help you out fully. That's one of my favorite parts of the shoot! And I just ask that you leave your cell phone in your car. 

Family Session Information

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