I want to make you feel like a million bucks. I want to show you how absolutely stunning you are, and how amazing your body is by doing everything it's doing. You have a tiny, amazing, little human being growing in your body. Through all the kicks, the sharp shooting pains (maybe you haven't felt this yet!), and everything that makes you NOT feel amazing, I want to remind you just how amazing it is. I have procured over 30 boutique gowns to offer my clients. Providing these gowns takes our photo shoot to a new level. You will look more beautiful than you ever have! 

Maternity Sessions

And I'm here to remind you how beautiful you are, and how amazing you are, and show you what you may not be feeling and seeing at the moment. That is why I do what I do! 

you are beautiful

I like to schedule maternity photos anywhere from 28-34 weeks. It's a very case-by-case situation depending on how much you are showing, but I like to schedule early in case we have to reschedule for sickness/weather.

When does the session take place?

When should I schedule my maternity shoot?

I love when clients reach out in the second trimester! This ensures my availability and being able to plan best.

What should I wear?

I offer my clients a beautiful comprehensive wardrobe of beautiful boutique maternity gowns. We can typically fit 2-3 outfit changes in a one hour photo shoot. I'm happy to help for ideas with your partner and children. 

When and wear will we schedule it?

I try to schedule maternity sessions about 75-90 minutes before sunset so we can get a gorgeous lit photo shoot. I do most of my photo shoots in Frederick, and will send you a comprehensive list once you're booked. Here are a few spots. 

Can my partner/child be in the photos?

Absolutely! Please bring them. I'm even dog friendly if you wanted (but please bring a friend to hold the leash when they're not in photos). 

What if I go into labor?

If this happens, we will take your deposit and put it towards a future session. 

Maternity Session Information

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